Global Strategic Accountants, LLC is your turnkey solution for all your compliance, tax, and regulatory needs. We are a dynamic and expanding firm of industry professionals with varied expertise related to telecommunications consulting and regulations compliance.

For businesses that aim to reduce their operational expenses, maintaining optimized operations at the same time is an ongoing balancing act. GSA is equipped to guide your business through financial complexities within the growing telecommunications and information industry, not only nationally but abroad as well. As a leader in telecom consulting, GSAssociates provides services to ensure that your enterprise will operate at its full potential.

One of the financially demanding areas of this business is internal communications. Controlling the cost of communications has become more difficult as businesses often encounter vendor support issues, quick turnover of electronics, and suboptimal communication packages. In this regard, our telecommunication consultants can help you make the best decisions.

As a recognized leader among telecommunications consulting firms, GSA can be of assistance by offering telecom audit services. Our expert staff can help you take control of your telecom expenses with our proven evaluation methods. We can provide recommendations on how to effectively streamline problem processes, and track refund areas that will put you on the path to minimal costs and optimal savings.

In addition to this, we provide compliance reporting where GSA can prepare and organize your regular reports, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. We ensure your company’s compliance to state and federal reporting requirements.

GSA is also experienced in corporate licensing procedures and can provide services related to state licensing and preparation of petitions and tariffs as required by state statutes. Intertwined with these services are our review and assistance in business plans, correspondence, as well as financial information related to relevant petitions to be filed. These services are designed to provide the best telecommunications consulting services to your business to ensure that you are maximizing opportunities and potentials.

We are a growing business with an expanding network of partners and valued clients. Presently, we work in partnership with various established businesses including Internet service providers, satellite and cable landing infrastructure providers, and wireless providers, to name a few. Our clients, specializing in ‘telecommunication services’ or ‘enhanced services’, vary in their nature of business as well as organizational size.

Our telecommunications consultants at GSA are committed to providing excellent service and business solutions to meet all of your compliance and customer needs. For any concerns, we encourage you to contact us at (866) 766-3591 to allow us to clarify any questions and provide you more details on how our services can help you elevate your level of business.